Artist Statement


My Broad range of work includes commissioned portraits, still life, and landscape paintings in oil, pastel, and charcoal.  When Painting en Plein air, the elements are in charge.  However when painting a still life, I create beautiful compositions in a shadow box.  It may take half a day working on arrangements of found items, seashells, feathers, flowers, brass or crystal to find several good still set ups.  Portraits require en Plein air techniques and have compositional requirements similar to still life paintings  The process begins with life sittings and a photo shoot.  The portrait is completed in my studio.

Working with Charcoal, Conte, and pastels is a tactile experience.  Dry mediums, allow for very expressive strokes.  Working in oil is an entirely different approach.  The materials are vastly different.  It's like switching gears in your car and requires a different thought process.  There is something meditative about all of these processes.  As I go further into the work, the outside world has to wait.  Once deeply involved with a painting the spark, the creativity opens up, and it's possible to manifest the creative vision.

Art is about connecting us to something that matters.  It's about helping us to find meaning in something beyond its ordinary significance.  Whether it is a landscape, still or portrait, I strive to reflect the effects of color, light or atmosphere on the subject.  As an artist, my objective is to interpret what I see and to communicate or evoke a feeling in you, whether it's a portrait, landscape or still life.

My work is about slowing down, savoring and exploring our connection to our world. Pause, refresh, clear your mind and allow the color and scenery to enhance your life.

Please join me, and I hope you enjoy the journey,

Artfully yours,

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