Writers Statement


Initially, my writing or blog began because people kept advising me to share my knowledge and stories about art. In the beginning, there was much to learn about getting my thoughts on paper. However, the more I wrote, the more my voice developed. My articles now focus on sharing with others what excites me in art and life. Writing now provides another path for me to make connections with those who share similar interest.

So what excites me?  What things do I love?  Here are a few: Beauty in all of its forms; art, architecture, people, nature, and traveling. These are the topics that will be included in upcoming articles.

Art Topics will include demonstrations and DIY tips.  Articles will include step by step demonstrations and delve into various aspects of a composition and the practice of creating paintings.

Travel articles will share my travels and the places I visit. Traveling and exploring are two of my favorite past times. I'll share my thoughts as I explore the unique qualities of a place.  Focusing on: museums, galleries, architecture and incredible landscapes.

In addition, I will share new work of mine, upcoming calendar of events and general information. Keeping you up to date with what’s happening in and around my world.

Living the Artful Life is about integrating beauty into your everyday life.

My article entitled “Why Write an Art Blog? What’s it all About,” goes more into detail on this topic.  

Please join me and I hope you enjoy the journey.

Artfully yours,


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