Monday, March 28, 2016

Museums, Tulips and Seattle

Pike Place Market

Seattle in the springtime, the tulips are in bloom and art is in the air. Seattle is one of the places I frequent and enjoy writing about. I Have written several articles about trips to the greater Seattle area about several museums and art happenings. Recently while planning a trip to to the northwest and before finalizing my schedule, I checked the Gage Academy of Arts website. 

Female Nude with Skeleton

While looking at the Gage Academy of Art's schedule of events, I saw a workshop offered by Colleen Barry. She normally teaches at the Grand Central Atelier, in NY.  The timing was a delightful coincidence and I was able to join the workshop before it was filled. I am particularly excited about this workshop because last year I had the opportunity to interview Colleen Barry  for the Portrait Society of America. You can see the article re-posted here. Of course I look forward to sharing my thoughts about the workshop in an article in a few weeks. 

Leon Gaspard

Soon after arriving, I visited the tulip fields in Skagit Valley. It's was a few weeks before the peak season however, the fields were looking beautiful. Later, I visited the Pike Place Market and the Frye Art Museum. The Frye Museum had several current exhibits. One exhibit was Fechin, Gaspard and Repin, Russian Paintings exhibit and the Frye Salon. The Frye Salon is the recreation of the collection of Charles and Emma Fry as it appeared in their home gallery. 

Ilya Repin

The Russian Paintings: Six paintings by Fechin, Gaspard and Repin

These painters lived more than 150 years ago. In 1870 these painters created the Society for Traveling Art Exhibitions and are in the permanent collection of the Frye Museum. These painters would become known as the Peredvizhniki or the Itinerants or Wanderers. This group of artist wanted to establish a national art. One they felt would be more accessible art that reflected the lives of ordinary Russian peoples. 

The Frye Salon

The Frye Salon - The paintings in this exhibition are from the permanent collection and arranged in the same manner as when the paintings hung in the home gallery of Emma and Charles Frye.

Harbor Tripoli, Felix Ziem

Hanging paintings salon-style, can be a dramatic way to decorate a space. In the Frye Exhibition, we can see the range and styles of frames that are used. Frames are diverse, with varying dimensions and the placing of the artwork next to one another creates an interesting effect.

Here I Am, Leopold Schmutzler

Salon style dates back to 1670 and the French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture. Salon style hanging grouped artworks in large halls where paintings were displayed side-by-side and stacked one on top of the other. This style of exhibiting paintings began as a means to display all of the works of the recent graduates. To fit all of the paintings into one room, the curators arranged the paintings in this manner. 

This painting is one of my favorites!

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