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Tales From the Emerald City, Seattle Washington, Part 1

The Frye Museum 
  the Gage Academy of Art and Aristides Atelier

The Frye Art Museum

"Art" seems to find me these days and fun things happen.  On a recent trip to Seattle to visit family I spent time at several museums and the Gage Academy of Art particularly with members of the Aristides Atelier.  

Seattle is a city full of diverse happenings and one that actively supports a thriving  artistic community.  The Frye Museum is a good place to start. It's in the heart of downtown and a free for those who visit. The current exhibition at the Frye runs from Oct 4 – Jan 4, 2014. This exhibit was "Citizen Curated". During two weeks in August 2014 people were asked to like and comment on their favorite paintings via social media.  

Peacock by Julius Scheurer

The 232 paintings in the founding collection were posted on the internet for global voting and on select social media sites.  “You are the curator” drew the participation of 4,468 people and produced the current exhibition which contains around 40+ paintings. Below each painting in the exhibit is the number of votes received and comments. 

So who was the big winner?  ”Peacock” painted in 1907 by German artist Julius Scheurer. Peacock received 3525 likes, winning by a very large margin.  

 Members of the Aristides Atelier

While walking through the Frye Museum artist began appearing and setting up easels and worksites. A security guard shared with me about their painting policies. That particular day was the first time painting had been allowed in the museum. It was a trial program between the museum and the Gage Academy of Art.

David Dwyer, Church Towers by Franz-Xaver Hoch

For those unfamiliar with the Gage Academy of Art, the school was started 25 years ago.The school provides classical training for contemporary artists. It is a non-profit school located in a historic building in the Capitol Hill district overlooking downtown Seattle Their mission is based on the belief that artists are made not born.  

The Gage is dedicated to providing community-based programs for students of all ages and abilities.  Within the Gage are five Atelier programs each led by a particular artist. Aristides Atelier led by Juliette Aristides is a well know and respected 4-year program. As well the school welcomes well-known guests artist for workshops.

Rebecca King, Seascape with Figures Dubovskoi

When traveling and visiting museums it's always a treat to watch artist painting from the original paintings. After people had set up their easels and had begun painting I struck up a conversation with David Dwyer an alumnus of Gage Academy, a teacher with Aristides Atelier and Gage Board of Trustees member. 

As we talked David explained the importance of this program and the potential to create more opportunities for artists to paint in museums on the West Coast. The pilot program lasts 10 weeks. Students choose a painting to study and copy as a part of their coursework.

Later in the week, I spent additional time at the Gage Academy sitting in on a lecture, attending a class and joining a life drawing class. I will write more about this in Tales from the Emerald City Part 2. 

Here's one more photo of an exceptional painting from the museum.  When visiting Seattle the Frye Museum has a nice collection and worth adding to any list of must sees.
Venice by Hermann Salomon Corrodi

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