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2014 The Art of the Portrait Conference

Juliette Aristides, Portrait painted during Face-Off competition

This past spring April 24-27, 2014 the Portrait Society of America held their annual conference "The Art of the Portrait" in Reston, VA. This year marked the Portrait Society's 16th annual conference. Next year the conference will be held in  Atlanta, GA, April 30 - May 3, 2015. 


Tony Ryder

The atmosphere is fast paced and exciting because there is so much to do. 2014 was my second year to attend the conference. As artists, we often spend large amounts of time alone in our studios working. The conference can be a time of community with other artists. It's a time to meet new friends, participate in classes and workshops, and enjoy discussions and lectures. 

The vendor centers allow you to shop direct from top manufacturers such as Richeson, Rosemary Brushes, and Gamblin paints. d have your portfolio critiqued by nationally known artists. There is an optional museum trip, and an awards gala evening that tops off the fast-paced conference.

James Gurney
Anthony Ryder owns and operates the Ryder studio in Sante Fe, New Mexico and wrote and illustrated "The Artist's Complete Guide to Figure Drawing" an invaluable book.

James Gurney is always seen sitting near the stage of any demonstration. Here he is painting a watercolor sketch Tony Pro a demonstrating as
Tony Pro paints during the face-off segment. James is an author best known for his series of illustrated books "Dinotopia". 

Tony Pro

Tony Pro a nationally known artist and resident Professor of Art at California Lutheran University in

Chris Saper 
2 Hour Demonstration 
Chris Saper's portraits are currently held in private and corporate collections. Chris is very active in the Portrait Society, the Cecelia Beaux Forum and art community. She is the author of several books, instructional DVD's and a regular contributor to periodicals. 

Chris Saper painting Oscar Peterson

Oscar Peterson by Chris Saper

Ho - Hein
Parallel perspectives, Quang Ho and Jeffrey Hein painting the same model. At the conference, several dual painting sessions are offered. The process is interesting, to watch as each person starts and works on the portrait very differently. 

Jeffrey Hein                                     Quang Ho

Hein                               Ho

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this glimpse at the 2014 conference. If interested the 2015 is just around the corner. For more information please visit the Portrait Society's website.

Thanks for joining me and please continue to send me your comments.  I love hearing your ideas, questions or input. Please leave responses in the comments section below or on Facebook. 

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